The beginning

The idea for Refuel emerged via a process rather than a light bulb moment one day. It was born from a number of conversations, an amalgamation of other ideas, and from wanting to do something which combined some of the greatest influences on our mental health – fitness, music and spending time with other people.

We hear constantly about the positives of keeping fit in terms of our bodies, and the majority of us use music to lighten our mood or as a distraction, but how often do we think about how the positive effect of both movement and music combined in the right way can really leave us feeling revitalised, relaxed, refuelled.

With the rate of burnout increasing rapidly, we need to ensure we are embracing new ways of doing things, to reflect on what is really important and to take care of and ENJOY ourselves. Life’s too short not to be doing the things you love. I love music and I love fitness and I can honestly say I’m delighted my dream of Refuel  could be realised as I’ve already experienced the positive effects.

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