Thank you for the music

Since embarking on Refuel, I have been lucky enough to start meeting amazingly talented musicians. Music has always been so important to me, but it’s something I often find myself not dedicating nearly enough time to. Music is the one thing that can always drive me to tears – there’s something about it that resonates deep within, something which I can’t even explain myself but there’s an emotion that emerges which I really can’t control.

Launching Refuel hasn’t been easy, and it’s going to be a long haul to get people to love it as much as I do, but every time I’m lacking motivation I listen to my favourite music, and I remember again how much of an effect it can have on the mind and emotions, and I know through Refuel I can bring that kind of emotion to other people too.

Musicians dedicate everything they have to their craft – I can’t even express how much I admire them for how much time and hard work they put in, to bring something truly beautiful to other people.

Although some people may at first see Refuel as another fitness craze, this really isn’t what I intended it to be. Refuel is many things, and I find it difficult myself to describe it just in one sentence – that’s why body and mind seemed the best choice if I must give a summary. Yes, the body is being trained, but at the same time Refuel is a platform for people to reconnect with how powerful music can be, and how we often forget exactly how much work and dedication is put into that music that we so often ‘ignorantly’ hear during our day to day lives.

In conclusion, I’d like to say thank you so much to the musicians I’ve been working with so far, and to those I’ll hopefully be working with in the future! Here’s a link to a piece which I absolutely love listening to when I need inspiration and motivation:

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