Why live music?

I previously wrote about how important music is to me (see here), and my last entry highlighted some of the benefits of live music vs recorded, but I haven’t actually addressed the full ‘why’. Why live music?

Well firstly you just have to look at the cost of any live concert – to see some of the most popular artists live can cost a small fortune. And why do we pay? Because we know how many hours that artist has put in to be able to share their passion with others? Because we truly value their time? Or is a large part of it actually for selfish reasons – we love the way experiencing live music makes us feel. I’ve no doubt there’s an element of both, but unless we’re musicians ourselves we often forget the sweat and tears a musician experiences daily in order to perfect their craft. All we see is the final product and we absolutely love it. It’s a feeling we don’t often get to feel.

But what if on a smaller scale we could get this feeling more often? Take live concerts back to their purest routes – simply a musician/s playing right in front of us, sharing their passion, and even better, we could keep ourselves fit and active at the same time.

Which brings me onto fitness. I’d challenge anyone to name somebody who hasn’t used music when exercising – music is motivating, distracting and has so many positive effects. But how many people can say they have exercised to live music? Dancing yes, and this is of course a form of exercise (likewise is jumping up and down at a concert). But really working out to live music?

I know it has been done (in particular with Yoga), and it’s a trend I’m seeing more of, but with Refuel the live music isn’t simply an add on. The workouts are designed together with the music programme, so music and movement unite for an even greater effect on body and mind, with increased motivation, increased distraction and enhanced positive effects. Add to this the ability of the musician to adapt – together with the trainer – in response to the participants and the current mood (as is also the case with live music concerts), Refuel becomes a unique experience every time.

I’m going to finish off with some more facts, as it’s always good to have further back up!

  • Research from the Royal Albert Hall found that 69% of UK adults are ‘happier’ and ‘more stimulated’ when listening to live music. Of those surveyed, 68% considered themselves ‘more engaged’ and 59% thought they were ‘more sociable’ when live music is playing. Source here.
  • Recorded music will always be a substitute for live. This article here is a brilliant summary of live vs recorded music, written by a professional performer and journalist: Source here.
  • An IRB (Institutional Review Board)-approved study by UCLA found that students’ ratings of stress were significantly lower after exposure to live music. Source here.
  • Participants of Refuel have said they actually ‘feel’ the music, not just hear it. Feedback has included ‘what makes it different and extra special is the live music, it adapts to the tempo of the movements and the sound can be really felt (not just heard).’ ‘A total new approach to body exercise, taking the rhythm and instrument resonances of live musicians playing into a great exercise program, creating a completely individual flow.’ Further testimonials can be found here.








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