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Refuel partnership with Holmes Place Potsdamer Platz

I am so excited to announce that from January, Refuel will be available at Holmes Place Potsdamer Platz, for non-members as well as members (see Venues and Booking page for details of dates and times).

I’m particularly excited about this as there is a real synergy between my ambition for Refuel and Holmes Place’s ambition, which at the heart of it all is ‘One life. Live it well.’

Holmes Place isn’t only a gym, but also offers a variety of ways for people to take care of both their body and mind. Wellness treatments, healthy eating and relaxation combine with a fitness studio and innovative group exercise classes, which from January will include Refuel!

I’ve received such great feedback from the Refuel sessions we’ve run so far (see Testimonials page or visit the Refuel Proven Expert Profile), I can’t wait for more people to take part and enjoy the benefits. Holding regular sessions at Potsdamer Platz Holmes Place will allow both members and non-members to do this – and if you’re a member there’s even the added bonus of a reduced fee to join (ask in club for details).

We really do only have one life and there’s no reason why we should deprive ourselves from living it well! We need to slow down, to put as much dedication and effort into our health – and into that which makes us feel good – as we do into our work.

So please do take the time out to come along to Refuel in January, even if you’re not a member of Holmes Place. Taking time out to hear talented musicians play live will already benefit the mind – exercising to their music with like-minded people will benefit both body and mind in a brand new way. I hope to see you in January!

In order to book a place, visit our Venues and Booking page.

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