We are delighted that Refuel is associated with the following partners/Wir freuen uns, dass Refuel mit folgenden Partnern verbunden ist:

Anni Seppänen – Anni is a certified fitness trainer and Nutritionist, based in Berlin but originally from Finland. Anni teaches a variety of group workouts, as well as personal training,  and she also founded the health concept GoodBoost. Anni ist ausgebildete Fitnesstrainerin und Ernährungsberaterin mit Sitz in Berlin, aber ursprünglich aus Finnland. Anni unterrichtet eine Vielzahl von Gruppentrainings sowie Personal Training und gründete auch das Gesundheitskonzept GoodBoost.
Certified Personal Trainer, private school Tsemppari, Helsinki, Finland
NCFE Certified Nutrition Advisor, Shawacademy
Master of Science (Economics), Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
Other courses:
Advanced Sports Nutrition, Shawacademy
Screening & Correcting Mobility, Natural Bootcamp (main educator Jukka Harju) Finland


Mandakini – Mandakini is a musical project having as a starting point, the Handpan. A young melodic steel percussion instrument that has been invented only in the beginning of the 21st century but its already establishing itself as one of the most pleasant ones to hear. The sounds produced provide relaxation and induce calmness to the listener. The combination of hand played rhythms and melody create an amazing sound journey that invites everyone to tune into its frequency. Mandakini ist ein musikalisches Projekt mit dem Handpan. Ein junges melodisches Schlaginstrument aus Stahl, das erst zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts erfunden wurde, sich aber bereits als eines der angenehmsten zu hören ist. Die erzeugten Klänge sorgen für Entspannung und vermitteln dem Hörer Ruhe. Die Kombination von handgespielten Rhythmen und Melodien schafft eine erstaunliche Klangreise, die jeden dazu einlädt, sich auf seine Frequenz einzustimmen.

Mandakini Handpan

IdagioIdagio classical music app is a platform where musicians share their recordings and connect with a growing global classical community. World class musicians and ensembles such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Philharmonia Orchestra and Ray Chen are already using IDAGIO to share their recordings. Their music is being enjoyed by a growing audience of classical musicians and listeners from more than 70 countries around the globe. Idagio is available as an App, to listen to on the go, or also as a web platform.
Idagio klassische Musik App ist eine Plattform, wo Musiker ihre Aufnahmen teilen und mit einer wachsenden globalen klassischen Gemeinschaft verbinden. Weltklasse-Musiker und Ensembles wie die Wiener Philharmoniker, das Philharmonia Orchestra und Ray Chen nutzen bereits IDAGIO, um ihre Aufnahmen zu teilen. Ihre Musik wird von einem wachsenden Publikum von klassischen Musikern und Zuhörern aus mehr als 70 Ländern rund um den Globus genossen. Idagio ist als App verfügbar, um unterwegs zu hören oder auch als Webplattform.

Pia Turtia – Pia was born in Finland, but has lived and studied abroad for several years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services and Early Childhood Education, and has worked as a language immersion teacher and sports educator for children in international schools and kindergartens.

Pia has been active in, and surrounded by, sports since she was a small child. For Pia, sports has always been a way of coping with stress, but also the best way to feel self-accomplishment. The strength that she gets from regular training is not only physical but largely also mental. Training is holistically empowering and this is what she wants to share with her clients.

Pia is a certified fitness, functional and personal trainer and works with clients with various needs, capabilities and sports backgrounds. She truly enjoys small group training, partner workouts and circuit training, which train the whole body effectively and intensively. She is passionate about weightlifting and core training, but also enjoys flushing the stress away in the swimming pool – she is a rescue swimmer accredited by the German Red Cross.

Pia says “Group workouts have a certain feeling, a special magic that one cannot experience alone in the gym or running in the park, for instance. A group provides support, shared goals, team spirit and challenge. For this reason is group fitness and training together the most enjoyable way to exercise.

“Refuel Workouts allow you to challenge and strengthen your body together with others, while at the same time giving you the possibility to reach inner peace and balance through concentration, slow movements and music.”